Kurt Hornik: Software

My truly major project is working on R, an open source implementation of the award-winning language S for data analysis and graphics. R is free software distributed under a GNU-style copyleft, and an official part of the GNU project ( “GNU S”).
The most current versions of the R base distribution and my as well as others' extension packages are always available from CRAN.
I am also part of the development team of ESS ( “Emacs Speaks Statistics”), an Emacs Lisp interface for interactive statistical programming and data analysis, and of the core group of Bioconductor, an open source initiative with the primary goal of providing infrastructure in terms of design and software for analyzing genomic data.
I have also written an Emacs Lisp interface (EOS, Emacs Octave Support) and a multitude of code scripts for Octave, a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations, similar to Matlab. The scripts, formerly available as part of our site's ‘octave-ci’ collection, and EOS have meanwhile been integrated into the Octave distribution; EOS is also part of GNU Emacs 20 or later.

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