UNU.RAN - Universal Non-Uniform RANdom number generators
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Download Sources (UNIX, Linux, MacOSX, cygwin)

Step 1:
UNU.RAN contains a built-in uniform random number generator which is used by default. However, there are more powerfull implementations of uniform random number generators. In principle UNU.RAN should work with any uniform random number and it provides interfaces to some of these generators (see User Manual). Write us an email if none the current interfaces for uniform random number generators is apropriate for your generator.

To use these UNU.RAN interfaces you must install the corresponding library for uniform random number generators before installing UNU.RAN. Otherwise UNU.RAN's configure script cannot detect it.

We suggest to use Pierre L'Ecuyer's RngStreams library.

Step 2:

Download UNU.RAN (version 1.11.0).        [ older versions ]

Unzip and untar the package:

tar zxvf unuran-1.11.0.tar.gz

Read the file INSTALL for installation instruction.

(Read file README.win32 if you want to compile a DLL for windows.)

Download Binaries for MS Visual Studio 2005 (Windows)

Step 1:

Download UNU.RAN for Windows (version 1.3.0).
Step 2:
Unzip the downloaded package in an apropriate folder and read the User Instructions for Windows.


Read file README.win32 if you want to compile the DLL yourself.
ActiveX module:
Roman Karawatzki had compiled an ActiveX module for an older version of UNU.RAN (Version 0.6.0). Please read the user manual for usage description and examples.

[The source code of this module is available on email request.]

Please keep in mind that UNU.RAN is work in progress. Thus although UNU.RAN is released under the GNU Public License (GPL) we ask all user of our library to send us an email. We are interested in any kind of feedback. This includes besides BUG reports also applications of our software.

If you have any questions about UNU.RAN or need any help for installing or using UNU.RAN please contact us.

[ARVAG]     Josef Leydold   (Feb 18, 2008) Research supported by FWF