PRNG - Pseudo-Random Number Generator
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is a portable, high-performance ANSI-C implementations of pseudorandom number generators such as linear congruential, inversive congruential, and explicit inversive congruential random number generators (called LCG, ICG and EICG, respectively) created by Otmar Lendl. It is part of the pLab project.

RNG is a collection of such algorithms as a library of C functions, released under the GNU Public License (GPL). It is now maintained by Otmar Lendl and Josef Leydold. (However Otmar Lendl is not responsible for any new bugs in version 3.0.)

The current version of this package can be found at the pLab server or the home page of the ARVAG (Automatic Random VAriate Generation) project group in Vienna.

In the case of any troubles, bug reports, or simply need of assistance please contact the maintainer by email.

For details see the online documentation. More information on theory and practice uniform random number generation can be found at the pLab site.


A very flexible library for non-uniform random variates is available with the UNU.RAN library.

Otmar Lendl and Josef Leydold   (March 5th, 2001) Research supported by FWF