Stefan Theussl

Stefan Theussl Institute for Statistics and Mathematics
WU Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien
Augasse 2-6
A-1090 Wien

Telephone: +43/1/31336-5057
Mobile: +43/676/8213-5057
Fax: +43/1/31336-774

Current Research

Courses WS 10

Contributions to the R-project

My major contribution to the R Community is R-Forge which offers a central platform for the development of R packages, R-related software and further projects. In addition to several web based features R-Forge offers a CRAN-style repository for hosting development releases of R packages as well as a quality management system similar to that of CRAN.

I maintain the CRAN task view Optimization and Mathematical Programming. This view contains a list of packages which offer facilities for solving optimization problems.

R packages which I maintain: Rglpk. Furthermore, I contributed code to package Rcplex.


Last change: 2010-10-19