Specialization in Business Mathematics

Reading list:

Placement Test:
Author: [JL] Josef Leydold
Title: Mathematik - Grundlagen (download) [in German]
Publisher: WU Wien
Note: Placement test is based on this publication.
Type: Lecture notes
Author: [S1] Elliot Mendelson
Title: Beginning Calculus, Schaumís Outline Series
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Edition: 3rd
Note: Additional practice problems
Publishing date: 2008
Type: Monograph

The materials required for the placement test are covered by Chapters 1-5 of the lecture notes Mathematik - Grundlagen (download) [in German] and in Elliot Mendelson [in English].

Chapter 6 (Integration) is optional. However, we recommend to prepare this chapter in advance of the first course, Analysis and Linear Algebra.

The problems in these lecture notes should help you to review basic mathematical knowledge. They do not provide a full list of questions for the placement test.

The placement test will be held in German and in English.

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