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Installing PRNG

While the code is plain ANSI C and thus quite portable, the following adaptions might be neccessary for compile this library.

All configurations are done in the file src/prng.h. Each option is extensively commented there. Here is a quick rundown on what to expect there:

The code is optimized for GNU CC (gcc). If your compiler supports the type (long long int), too, you can use this feature by defining HAVE_LONGLONG in prng.h.

Then do:

        ./configure --prefix=<prefix_path>

This should compile the library (libprng.a) and example programs.

To install the library (see also GNU generic installation instructions in file INSTALL) type:

        make install

which installs <prefix_path>/lib/libprng.a, <prefix_path>/include/prng.h, and <prefix_path>/info/ If --prefix is omitted, then /usr/local is used as default.

It is possible to remove these files by

        make uninstall

I could not test this code in many environments, thus it might be necessary to tweak the code to compile it. Please mail me any changes you made, so that I can include them in the next official release.


A manual can be found in directory doc in various formats, including PS, PDF, HTML, Info and plain text.

Profiling and Verification


        make check

to make and run the following executables: